Beck’s Beer Packaging Design Houses Bottles in a Boombox

Beck’s Beer Packaging Design Houses Bottles in a Boombox
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Think Packaging conceptualizes a music-inspired way to pack the brew brand's beverages

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 july 2014

New Zealand-based product design company Think Packaging has created a music-inspired design for Beck’s beers packaging. The packaging basically resembles a classic music symbol: the boombox.

The Beck’s boombox is designed to hold a six-pack of Beck’s beer bottles. The idea of a boombox to hold Beck’s beers is only fitting for a brand that adorns their beverages with music-inspired art labels.


Taking out the Beck’s beer bottles reveals other music-inspired items inside, like hip hop inspired pop out glasses, coasters, retro cassette tapes, as well as a USB with the sponsored Beck’s track lists for the new owner’s listening pleasure. The artwork on the Beck’s beer boombox was developed by New Zealand-based specialist brand and product packaging design company Curious Design.



On it website, Think Packaging writes,

Beer making is an art, but Beck’s takes that a tad more literally with its bespoke music inspired art labels. An eclectic mix of musical genres influenced the newest range of New Zealand exclusive Beck’s bottles. Each label motif is a reflection of cover art for a specific genre of music, in an exaggerated, almost clichéd way. From indie to hip hop, rock to pop, heavy metal to punk, Beck’s has captured the varied sounds that are ever-present in the NZ music scene.

The boombox beer six-packs were hand-delivered to radio and TV stations to start up discussions on the newly-released labels, in line with the NZ music month.


The Beck’s brand has been “turning beer into art” for some time now and has been featuring music-inspired labels on its beer bottles in the last few years. Beck’s has an ongoing initiative called The Green Box Project, a global fund that aims to inspire, celebrate and support independent talent in the fields of art, design, music, and fashion. Through The Green Box Project, Beck’s will fund and showcase 1,000 projects by individuals who have creative vision over the next three years.

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