Berlin Music Hotel Cleverly Adorned with Popular Song Lyrics

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The nhow hotel is Europe's first hotel offering guests a unique musical-themed experience

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 july 2014

Imagine a hotel where iconic music lyrics are plastered on the walls, on the carpet, the doors, the elevators, the light switch, and any surface or object you can think of and you’ve got the nhow Berlin, one of the newest hotels in Berlin and apparently the first music hotel in Europe.

The hotel is located on the banks of the river Spree and sits right next to Universal Music and MTV Europe. The interior design of the hotel, which was done by New York designer Karim Rashid, complements the architecture done by renowned architect Sergei Tchoban.

The entire hotel is cleverly adorned with iconic music lyrics that perfectly match the areas or objects where they are located. For example, the words “Welcome to the Jungle” by rock band Guns N Roses can be found on the carpet at the hotel entrance, and the terrace door has the words “Push it. Push it real good.” by female music group Salt n’ Peppa. At the concierge table, the lyrics “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts are in plain sight and the bell at the reception desk has the words “Ring my bell” by singer Anita Ward written on it. Staff name tags include the words “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” by singer Lionel Richie. Even the floor signage sports some funky lyrics – “One more time” by Daft Punk on the first floor, for instance.

And since it’s a music hotel, guests can access a Spotify playlist that features all of the songs incorporated into the signage all around the hotel.

The hotel, which is the second nhow Hotel next to the one in Milan, clearly targets musicians and music-lovers. Aside from having popular music lyrics all around the interiors, the hotel also includes an integrated high-end sound studio and a guitar room service. The hotel also offers open mic nights and even an in-house music manager.

The aim of nhow Berlin is to help secure Berlin’s place as one of the top three destinations in Europe by offering guests a unique musical-themed experience. Berlin already has 790 hotels and B+B’s, so nhow hopes to stand out by offering a different kind of hospitality experience to its guests.

nhow // Olivier Nowak


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