Bike Helmets Disguised as Stylish Hats without Sacrificing Safety


Bandbox offers cover designs including fedoras, straw hats and cowboy hats

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 july 2014

Bandbox is a company that hopes to reduce the number of people who suffer head injuries by supplying stylish helmets that cyclists are actually happy to wear. Their aim is to increase safety and increase cycling, which benefits the environment as well as the rider, enabling them to commute to work or go for a casual afternoon ride in style. Not wearing a helmet isn’t a smart choice, as cyclists weren’t wearing helmets in over 90% of all bicycle fatalities.

Bandbox bike helmets are disguised as stylish hats and the varying hat covers were designed with the intention of giving cyclists styles that can be worn on a daily basis. The wide variety of designs include fedoras, beach hats, newsboy caps, straw hats and cowboy hats as interchangeable covers, allowing you to chose one you like that also matches the weather and locale.

The helmets are elegant and comfortable, while also meeting U.S. CPSC standards for safety under normal operating conditions. They are vented and lined with cool wickable fabric for those hot summer days and there is a choice of harness webbing colors to blend with the wearer’s hair or skin so it’s hard to tell they are bicycle helmets.

Bandbox was founded by Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley, an expert in bicycle safety, who wanted to help solve the problem of dorky-looking helmets putting people off wearing them. She is a regular commuter, has written a dissertation on bike safety and spent ten years as Director of Transportation in Jersey City.

Bandbox bike helmets are smaller than average as they are made of elastomeric foam, which is more impact-resistant than styrofoam and allows the helmet to be made thinner. Designed to mimic the shape of the human head, the helmets are disguised by different hat covers, each sewn by hand. These attach to the helmet by tightening and tying a string.

Bandbox helmets are available at the online store for $60 in silver, tan, brown or black. There are over twenty covers ranging in price from $40-$84. You can learn more about Bandbox from the video below:


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