100% Bill Murray-Themed Art Show Launches in San Francisco

100% Bill Murray-Themed Art Show Launches in San Francisco
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Group show will celebrate the man, the myth, and the artwork he inspires

Janet Burns
  • 18 july 2014

San Francisco gallery-goers will be able to spice up their regular routine on August 8th. Expected to contain over 100 works of art, this show will pay homage to the seemingly countless roles and angles of one man: Bill Murray.

The Murray Affair” is hosted by San Francisco event space and gallery Public Works, and is conceived by curator, musician, and promoter Ezra Croft. In a time when many art lovers are feeling pop-culturally inundated by snarky memes and TV references, the show seeks to bring about a thoughtful — but also fun — gathering of the actor’s admirers. Croft explained to VICE’s Creator’s Project,

[i]t’s an homage to Bill Murray through a narrative art process. With Murray, a lot of people think you’re riding off the coattails of his fame, but I don’t feel like that. This is taking something idyllic and the concept of him as a public figure and we’re rooting off of it and make art out of it. It’s fun. He’s an interesting guy. He has a lot of personas that people can interpret. We got to watch him develop from the 70s up until now, and we’ve loved Murray throughout all of it.

murray 1.png

The works will include paintings, photographs, mixed media, and plenty of character mash-ups and artistic liberties taken. In addition to a visual feast of Murray mugs, the show will include performance artists and mood music by Japan’s Lashes, San Francisco acts Spencer and Chiller Whale, and curator Ezra Croft himself.


“The Murray Affair” is one night only, taking place from 8:30 p.m to 2:30 a.m. on August 8th. Tickets are available here for $12.

Artists can respond to Public Works’ call for submissions until July 21st with details found on their website.

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