Bookmark Harnesses Twitter to Remind Users to Read More

Bookmark Harnesses Twitter to Remind Users to Read More
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'Tweet for a Read' shows how social media can be used to increase reading

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 23 july 2014

The point of social media is that it’s supposed to make your life more connected to other people. The problem with this is that, for many of us, social networking sites are so addictive that they wind up distracting us from the physical world. In a society where we constantly feel like we have to share with the world – what we’re wearing, eating, where we’re visiting, etc- it can be difficult to find time for more solitary activities, like reading.

Though many people have the desire to pick up a good book, all too often the book is quickly forgotten, and some of us never get around to finishing them. “I’ll catch the movie,” we tell ourselves, but this only continues to take away from an industry that is already struggling. Major book publisher Penguin realized some of the hazards that social media brings to book readers, so they came up with a product that connects the two worlds in a way that no e-reader can.


“Tweet for a Read” is a smart bookmark that encourages people to read. Equipped with a light sensor, timer, and a nano-computer with wifi- this bookmark sends you a tweet if it’s been too long since you last opened the book. Even more intriguing- the tweets are made with either real phrases from writers or in the same style as the writer’s work. ‘I gave it all. Nothing left for me of everything I had, except you, hope. And my hope is on you: come back to read me,’ says a Nietzsche tweet. “Every second that passes by is like a door that opens to let in what has not yet happened. And a week without you is like a new tweet,” adds another, from Jose Saramago.

So far, there is no word on when these savvy bookmarks might be available for purchase, but if one thing is true it’s you can’t ignore the power of a good tweet.

Penguin Books USA

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