Refurbished Tricycle Lets You Create Edible Marshmallow Instagrams On-Demand

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Digital marshmallow company Boomf quickly transforms social media into a tangible, tasty experience

Charlie Stephens
  • 23 july 2014

Last November, we covered the introduction of the world’s first ever edible Instagram marshmallows. Using a special printing technique and edible ink, London-based Boomf allows customers to select nine images from their Instagram account or one of their followers, in order to create the ultimate selfie experience.

In what started out as a joint venture between culinary entrepreneur James Middleton and digital product studio Mint Digital, Boomf is now an independent company experimenting with innovative means of production. Demand has been great for the decked-out treats, and orders for the custom marshmallows are now being shipped around the world.

Up until now, the Boomf shopping experience had been completely online. Users would log into the website using their Instagram account and select the images they would want printed. For UK residents, the box of custom marshmallows would be delivered within 2-3 business days but for others around the world, 2-3 weeks.

But the digital world is all about immediacy, and Boomf’s all-new retail experience reflects this idea. Now, until September 3rd, customers can get their Instagram pictures printed within minutes at the Boomf on Demand machine, located on the ground floor of Selfridges in London.

The Bod-Pod (Boomf on Demand, Printed on Demand) is a Willy-Wonka like machine that’s built out of a refurbished 1950s Pashley’s ice cream tricycle. The retro bike has been repurposed to incorporate modern technology-giving customers an imaginative look into what a digitally-infused past may have been like.

A box of marshmallows cost 15 pounds (26 dollars) for a box of 9. This may be a bit on the pricey side, but the candy is sure to serve up a unique experience. Middleton describes the product’s possibilities:

There’s so much fun we can have with it, because you can give them to somebody that’s been dumped by their boyfriend, so they can burn their ex on a campfire, or you can have your ideal person dunked in hot chocolate, and you can give them to your grandmother.

Boomf has other experiential installments in line. Among them are plans for a photobooth that takes your picture and instantly prints it on a 4cm x 4cm vanilla marshmallow.

The company is turning digital experiences into physical ones, and is pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation. It will be interesting to see if Boomf expands its product line into any other digitally-linked sweets. For now, Middleton predicts that their next product will be a giant-sized version of what they already make so well.

[h/t] NYMag

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