Brooklyn Loft Converted into Treehouse Bed & Breakfast

Brooklyn Loft Converted into Treehouse Bed & Breakfast
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A cabin in a loft is a guest room in an artist's space

Leah Gonzalez
  • 31 july 2014

Designed by the collaborative creative duo Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao, A Cabin in a Loft is a one-room bed and breakfast inside an artists’ loft located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The Cabin is located within the two artists’ workshop and studio. The artists’ entire place basically includes the Cabin, which is for rent, and the treehouse where Frezza and Chiao live.


Both the Cabin and the treehouse were designed with the concept of “houses within houses” and serve as private sleeping areas.The Cabin includes a storage space built into a raised floor. The treehouse is set above the ground and includes a study area and storage space below it. They each have their own semi-private garden area that is set apart from the shared living space. The main space of the apartment includes a living area and a kitchen.


The apartment is housed inside a former textile factory building and has open spaces, large windows, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and hardwood floors. To maintain the openness of the space and to maximize the natural light, Frezza and Chiao decided to build the cabins instead of constructing floor-to-wall ceilings to divide the apartment into separate bedrooms. Creating the Cabin and the treehouse created an open, light-filled and well-ventilated space that also somewhat simulates living in the outdoors.

The Cabin and the treehouse have windows that not only help keep the spaces ventilated but also lets the occupant look out into the rest of the apartment. Both cabins have large entrances that let people look out to the sky or down the street.


The Cabin features art work made by the artists’ themselves or by their friends, fellow artists, designers, and artisans. Some of the art pieces are for sale.

The Cabin in a Loft is available for rent to a single occupant for $118 per night or $850 per week. Two people can rent it out for $138 per night or $950 per week. Guests are provided breakfast in the mornings for the duration of their stay. Bookings can be made through airbnb.


The Cabin not only offers travelers a unique and inexpensive alternative to hotels and hostels, but also an opportunity to support the cabin’s creators, as well as the artists and designers who contributed to the project.

Read more about A Cabin in a Loft on their Tumblr site.

A Cabin in a Loft

Source: Inhabitots

Images: Andreas Serna, Shawn Connell via A Cabin in a Loft


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