Forget Business Cards, Make An Impression With Business Pogs

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A retro 90's networking alternative that will get you noticed, for better or worse.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 16 july 2014

You’ve gone to every networking event in town, hit up your network multiple times, even searched Craigslist, but you just can’t seem to find a job. Don’t worry – the problem isn’t you, your lack of experience or skills, but rather that you just aren’t making a strong first impression! Sounds like you need some Business Pogs!


In all seriousness though, as silly as these sound there might be something to them. The small, thin cards that moo offers are quite popular (with yours truly), particularly as personal cards. So it’s not a stretch that perhaps, depending on your industry, Pog ‘cards’ would make the right kind of impression. You can add a QR code for extra panache and really go there.


Pogs, for those who don’t know, were small cardboard circles with images on them that were supposed to be a part of a popular game in the 90’s, but everyone just collected and traded them like baseball cards. They went the way of all fads do, into back closets and landfills, but seeing as 90’s nostalgia was hip earlier this year this resurrection isn’t so far off the mark.

In fact, the site and video date are from 2012, so whoever is behind this was way ahead on their culture trends. QR codes were still funny two years ago so that kind of dates it. In any case, why not embrace the changing rules of work and networking with a sarcastic statement that shows you’re cool with it?

Business Pogs

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