Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Instagram Campaign Creates Lo-Fi Purple Straw Filter


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is utilizing Instagram as a platform to engage its customers as part of its summer marketing campaign

Daniela Walker
  • 28 july 2014

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been keeping Southern Californians caffeinated since 1963. Now, the LA-based coffee chain has paired with advertising agency WONGDOODY to create a social campaign to promote its summer drinks using its iconic purple straws.

Rolling out in full today, July 28, is The Coffee Bean’s Instagram campaign #PurpleStrawCam, which makes use of the company’s recognizable purple straws. The Coffee Bean is encouraging fans to create their own Instagram filter using scissors and the straw, with the accompanying hash tag. The lo-fi filter results in purple tunnel-visioned pictures that are hazy as an Instagram snap should be.


WONGDOODY explains the thinking behind the campaign to PSFK:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a devoted following in Southern California and we wanted to use their iconic purple straw in a way that captured the creative, optimistic spirit of the brand. And in a way that got those fans participating. So we came up with the most analog Instagram filter ever when we realized anyone could just cut off an inch of straw and hold it up to their smartphone camera, and it actually looked really awesome.


This is the first campaign WONGDOODY has worked on for the brand. Beside Instagram, the agency is also harnessing other social media including Vine and Pinterest. On Vine, they partnered with Vine Stars to create 6-second #LongestStraws films and are also asking fans to create their own. On Pinterest the theme of the longest straw continues, taking advantage of the ‘the site’s no-height limit with surreally long straw images’, explains the agency.

The multi-faceted social campaign demonstrates how to carry a theme across social media platforms, while carefully considering how consumers use the platform, when thinking of the content which they will be engaging with. Says WONGDOODY:

We wanted to avoid rubber-stamping our campaign across social in favor of creating more custom experiences per channel that really tapped into how millennials used them.

After just one week on Vine, the video above has over 3 million loops and 46.1 thousand likes.

WONGDOODY// The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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