Cork-Insulated Travel Mug Offers Sustainable Alternative to Plastic or Metal

Cork-Insulated Travel Mug Offers Sustainable Alternative to Plastic or Metal

The Çortica mug's modish aesthetic and flavor benefits make it a great option for coffee connoisseurs.

Charlie Stephens
  • 17 july 2014

Americans throw away about 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups each year. On top of that, approximately 23 billion paper cups are used annually by coffee drinkers nationwide. The increasing population and on-the-go consumer tendencies indicate that this number will only increase.

Plastic and metal travel mugs are a popular alternative to the disposable cups. But as these mugs help decrease coffee waste, their synthetic materials often affect the coffee’s taste.

The Çortica mug is a 12-ounce, porcelain coffee mug wrapped and insulated in cork. This “coffee mug for connoisseurs” is sustainable, eco-friendly, and upholds the integrity of a bold cup of coffee.


The cork and porcelain are made from bark and clay- two natural products that will decompose seamlessly back into the environment when thrown out. The lid is made from a BPA-free plastic, and is designed to achieve minimum contact with the beverage.

The impact resistant cork serves to insulate the porcelain, and also functions as a coaster. And if it starts to fade or get dirty, one can lightly sand it to give the mug a brand new look.


The mug’s fresh aesthetic give coffee drinkers another reason for carrying it around town. Its earthy colors reinforce its close ties to the environment, and its simplistic design is easy on the eyes.



On cultural scale, the Çortica mug reflects the recent trends in sustainable coffee cultivation. Coffee importers are emphasizing the importance of direct trade with small coffee farmers to prevent environmental degradation and a resulting decrease in coffee quality. The mug is a visual and sensual manifestation of these ideals, and may influence future developments in coffee consumption.

The Çortica mug has been successfuly funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and deliveries are set to begin this October.

Çortica Mug // Kickstarter


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