Cylindrical Clock Rolls to Display 24 Varying Time Zones


The World Clock by Elevenplus helps users keep track of time around the world

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 july 2014

Created by Korean design company Elevenplus, the World Clock is a minimalist desk timepiece that has a cylindrical design and is able to display 24 different time zones through a rolling mechanism.

The face of the clock itself is simple and looks like any conventional analog timepiece. Along its side are the names of 24 different cities in 12 different time zones. The clock has independently working hands and it can be rolled to quickly display the time in any of the 24 cities indicated on its side.


To start using the World Clock, users first have to set the clock to their local time. First they need to rotate the cylinder until their city is directly above the 12 o’clock mark. Then they open the cover at the back, set the time by moving the clock hands, unlock the mechanism, put the cover back, and the World Clock is ready to tell them the time anywhere in the world.

To know what time it is in one of the 24 cities, the user simply needs to roll the clock until the desired city appears on top. The user just has to check the number to know the hour and the position of the minute hand to read the minutes. The clock then simply rolls back to the local time.


The clock offers a minimal solution to keeping track of time around the world, using form factor to reinterpret the traditional function of a clock. The clean and modern design also makes it suitable to be placed anywhere – on one’s working desk, on the shelf or on a side table, among others.

The World Clock comes in three colors – midnight blue, modern gray, and orange passion. It weighs a mere 144 grams and uses 1.5V AA size batteries. The clock is available for purchase on Leibal for $49. Elevenplus donates a percentage of their sales to UNICEF’s Gift of Water Campaign.

Elevenplus focuses on basic features and functions when designing products that are both practical and easy on the eyes. Their products include the Sound1, detachable Bluetooth speakers with an angled bottom edge that allows them to tilt and project sound at a trajectory. The speakers are also equipped with magnets to allow them to be joined together for easy storage.


Check out the product video below.


Source: Designboom


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