Jeans Tattered By Lions, Tigers and Bears Help Fund Zoo Renovation

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This distressed denim was truly designed by dangerous animals.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 july 2014

We live in a narcissistic society, and so does much of the world. No matter how much we want to decrease pollution, help the needy, or save the animals- it’s always easier to contribute something when we feel like we are getting something in return. When volunteers from the Mineko Club decided to begin making the much needed renovations to the Kamine Zoo in Japan recently, they thought the best way to raise funds would be to offer something to those donating the cash- and what they offered is truly one of a kind.


Zoo Jeans is a line of denim jeans that are truly distressed. The jeans were created by wrapping denim around old tires and giant rubber balls before being left in the paws of lions, tigers, and bears. After the denim was gnawed and clawed at, the company cut and sewed the denim into three pairs of jeans: one designed by lions, one designed by tigers, and one designed by bears. The jeans were then put up to auction on Yahoo Japan, and all proceeds gained went towards the zoo’s renovation.


The Mineko Club is a volunteer group of zoo supporters who provide services to visitors such as selling and producing mementos and running events. Though they had not previously offered jeans in the souvenir store, it is clear that their idea was a great one.

Zoo Jeans

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