Surprise Loved Ones With Greeting Cards Disguised As Offensive Messages

Arts & Culture

Designer Heather Abbott's clever cards hide heartfelt passages behind shocking statements.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 16 july 2014

Ever want to really tell someone what you thought of them? Even if they are a loved one, and what you had to say was somewhat nasty? Well these FINCHandHARE greeting cards might be for you.

Poking fun at traditional cards while playing on the love-hate relationship you may or may not have with family members, Designer Heather Abbott created greeting cards that are meant to shock the reader…until unfolded.

Using clever typography and design, an offensive message on the front such as ‘You are awful’ unfolds into ‘You are awesome & wonderful.’ While it may be tempting to give this to loved ones for holidays or birthdays just to see their reaction, perhaps it would be wise to carefully consider whether the person has a sense of humor or not.

With all manner of cheeky messages like ‘I might pee on you’ for bridesmaids invitations and ‘You wimp’ for get well soon sentiments, there’s a borderline offensive note for any occasion. Here’s to hoping that the next gift you receive is a little more interesting. At the very least, it means the giver put a decent amount of thought into it.

Abbott has her cards for sale on her Etsy page for $5 each.



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