Beautifully Designed Book Explores The Cultural Impact Of Drones

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"Drone: Speculative fictions in the Age of the Drone" is a book compiled by writers, researchers, and designers at Fabrica.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 july 2014

Drone technology is no longer limited to uses on the battlefield. We’ve seen unmanned aerial vehicles being used in various industries and sectors including environmental research, agriculture, and even in arts and culture. Soon, the US may even see commercial drones flying in national airspace.

A project by researchers, designers, artists and writers at the Treviso, Italy-based Benetton Group research center Fabrica, Drone: Speculative fictions in the Age of the Drone is a beautifully designed book that explores how unmanned aerial vehicle technology will impact our behavior in the future, as well as our relationship with physical space.

Using fiction and collected materials – including short stories, illustrations, and articles – the book looks at how the drone technology will influence voyeurism, social media, mass surveillance, and terrorism.


The book was presented by Fabrica resident Alejandro Sajgalik at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam last May 23rd as part of Drone Salon, a seminar that gave a multidisciplinary overview of the challenges and opportunities of the use of unmanned aerial vehicle technology in battle or warfare and in non-military or civic situations.

Drone Salon is part of Malkit Shoshan’s research project Drones and Honeycombs developed with The New Institute in Rotterdam. Drones and Honeycombs aims “to increase understanding of civil and public space in times of war and reconstruction as well as far-reaching technological and social change.”

Alejandro Sajgalik  served as editor and writer for the book. Matthew Rosier served as associate editor, writer, and illustrator. Natalie Welsh also served as associate editor and writer. Alice Longo handled design while Caitlin Hu served as copy editor. Marco Zanin handled photography for the project.

The book was just launched for sale this month on the Fabrica Store.


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