Handcrafted Frames Put Internet Art On Your Walls

Handcrafted Frames Put Internet Art On Your Walls

Electric Objects are high-definition screens integrated with a computer to allow users to showcase paintings, photographs and GIFs.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 july 2014

What people choose to display on their walls or around their personal space reflects their personality or their mood. However, changing the art works or paintings on your wall every time your mood changes isn’t very practical.

With Electric Objects, however, you can change the artwork anytime and even showcase works of art via a custom-built browser.

Electric Objects, led by founder and CEO Jake Levine, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the EO1, a handcrafted frame that holds a high-definition screen integrated with a computer. The framed screen can be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf or table and it displays art in an unassuming and seamless way. The frame itself comes in a minimal design with a matte finish to resemble paintings and photographs instead of looking like a large computer screen plastered on the wall.


EO1 works with an app for iOS and Android and lets owners change the artwork whenever they please by simply uploading their image of choice. The frame connects to the user’s account via WiFi. The EO1 is energy efficient and consumes as much power as an ordinary light bulb.

EO1 was developed by a small team based out of East Village, New York. They wanted to create a new way to bring the massive amount of art on the internet into people’s homes, without overwhelming them with another stressful screen. They are working closely with artists and developers to create original works of art just for the EO1. The team will also be releasing early versions of their SDK in the coming months and will be working with developers to explore different uses of the Electric Objects platform.

As of this post, Electric Objects has already raised over $190,000 on Kickstarter, surpassing their $25,000 goal with a month to go in the campaign. Backers can pre-order their own EO1 for a discounted price of $299, with estimated delivery in May 2015. If they want to be a beta tester and get their EO1 four months earlier, they can go for the EO1 – Beta Tester package for $499. The campaign ends August 7th.


Check out the Kickstarter video of the project below.

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