UrbanCONE is a futuristic air filtration unit inspired by jellyfish propulsion.

Sustainability isn't just a noble cause, it's an essential one if we want to continue living a comfortable life on this planet. The best solutions are those that help people form better habits, but there are also solutions that use the latest tech and sleek design to lull people into a false sense of security. UrbanCONE is one such idea, a personal drone designed for a future with unbreathable air that can create microclimates tailored specifically to different individuals.

Inspired by the humble jellyfish, which uses a wing-like structure to propel itself through the water, the drone is equipped with a similar set of panels that conceal air filtration units. It's also possible to install aromatic filters that can collect different smells, and then feed them into your microclimate depending on the time of day or your mood. Able to follow its owner around automatically, the conceptual design is also equipped with “green” features such as photovoltaic panels.

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