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Drilling Lab's bizarre jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts

Ross Brooks
  • 29 july 2014

Traditional jewelry is often associated with delicate embellishments and other intricate details, but the Clamp Series from Taiwanese design studio Drilling Lab has no plans to be traditional. Completely free from unnecessary details, Lu-Wei has taken an industrial clamp, and transformed it into a no-frills ring. It might be the perfect piece of jewelry for those who don’t want to come across too “feminine.”

Each of the rings is made in a Taiwanese factory, which comes in two different forms. Type A is constructed from two pieces embedded with a screw, and type B is an integral conformation with an exposed screw. Delivered in a box complete with different colored screws, and the all-important allen key, it’s easy to assemble or disassemble your new piece of jewelry.

Enchanted by the sturdy, straight-forward and unadorned properties of things made with traditional techniques and machining components, the designer gives no extra surface treatment and retains the casual and rugged touch in the ring collection.

While the aim of this industrial adornment is simplicity, the different colored screws ensure people can still leave their mark on the piece. Lu-Wei describes it as adding the “perfect finishing touch to the piece” and “expressing the user’s individualized character.”

Industrial jewelry might not appeal to everyone, but the designer joins the ranks of those who take an ordinary object, then turn it into something of value. As explained on his website: “Drilling lab delivers new values through objects of everyday life, and delicately reveals the honesty and reliability of old objects through traditional machining processes.” Plus, the more learn to appreciate the simple things, the less we need to rely on expensive, or gimmicky purchases to bring us satisfaction.

Drilling Lab

[h/t] Mocoloco

Images by Lu-Wei Chen

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