Piers Fawkes: Reframing the Internet of Things as the Real World Web

Piers Fawkes: Reframing the Internet of Things as the Real World Web

New PSFK report defines the age of connected devices.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 18 july 2014

The Real World Web report from PSFK Labs aims to make sense of the ideas and issues connected to the growing of volume of sensitive and responsive technology in our lives. Underwritten by the kind generosity of Intel, our independent research helped me understand the themes and trends that are shaping the topic often described as the Internet of Things.

I resisted naming this report the Future of the Internet of Things – or the Future of Stuff – because I find the term Internet of Things misleading. For most people today, the internet is something they access when they look at a browser on their PC – it’s not something they think they access when they use their phone to check their emails or upload a photo. The terms ‘internet’ and ‘online’ have become rapidly antiquated and can probably be better associated with an earlier era of our digital lives. The Real World Web is a more descriptive term, I believe.


We are already living within this web of sensors – in the hallways of our homes, at the sink in bathrooms, in changing rooms in stores, in the interiors of our cars. The world is full of tech that watches, learns, predicts, and responds. We are living inside the internet of things. This Real World Web will deliver an evolution in social media – it will allows us to connect with communities nearby or like-minded individuals.

The Real World Web will learn to look after us, it will watch and prompt us into action, learn and serve us appropriately. The Real World Web will manage the world around us – directing city ecosystems, national power grids and global infrastructure. By framing the subject better and understand the key trends driving change, incredible innovation should take place. I’m excited to share the work of PSFK Labs to inspire new ideas for better living for all of us.

Click here to download the free version of the report.


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