Greenpeace Eco-Friendly Business Card Doubles as Metro Ticket to Combat Climate Change

Greenpeace Eco-Friendly Business Card Doubles as Metro Ticket to Combat Climate Change

EcoCard encourages people to use public transport instead of their car

Ross Brooks
  • 16 july 2014

Plenty of business cards go straight in the trash, but Greenpeace have come up with a clever solution that also encourages the use of more green modes of transport. The EcoCard is a business card that informs people how much they could they reduce their carbon footprint by taking the subway, but more importantly, doubles as an actual ticket for the Moscow Metro System.

The eco-friendly business cards were designed to tackle air pollution, an issue that is always high on the list of Greenpeace priorities. Through an initiative that turned a discardable piece of paper into metro ticket case, the non-profit came up with the first ever business card case that holds a functional metro ticket. Each of the cards can be pre-loaded with different denominations, depending on how generous, or how passionate you are about saving the planet.

While Greenpeace often turns to large-scale media campaigns to spread their message, this is an example that they can think outside the box as well. As it states on their website:

Here at Greenpeace we consider ourselves creatives, that’s why we are striving for real solutions to solve global issues, even with limited resources, assets and budget.

Speaking specifically about the EcoCard, Communications Director for Greenpeace in Russia, Polina Malysheva, said:

We are interested in promoting this idea and encourage individuals and companies to use this green business card for their staff. Also I would like to remind you that in order to remain independent Greenpeace does not accept funding from government, corporations or political parties. We hope that this business card would increase the number of people who prefer to travel by public transport and would support Greenpeace by donating to save the climate.

For anyone interested in getting their company onboard with the idea, you can send an email to Greenpeace to register your interest. Plus, if you don’t already use public transport, it’s worth considering if it’s a viable option for your journey to work, it might even save you a few hours stuck in traffic everyday.



Images by Greenpeace


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