Barber Creates Detailed Hair Art of Spider-Man, Steve Jobs, Tetris and More

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Rob the Original is a professional hair artist who can replicate any image in a person's hair.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 july 2014

Rob the Original (Rob Ferrel) is a barber and professional hair artist from Los Angeles, California. While working at a barbershop in Texas eight years ago, the local kids started bringing him requests for hair art. What began as simple patterns evolved into more complex designs, and now he is able to replicate any image in a person’s hair.

Currently living in San Antonio, he is the founder of Rob the Original Barbershop, located in a small plaza downtown. Initially, due to his background in drawing, Rob aspired to be an artist, but when he combined his artistic talents with his professional barber skills his real passion was born.


Rob the Original is changing the way people think about a barber’s role and haircuts. The hair artist creates original cuts, from simple fades to intricate designs and portraits, using a person’s shaved head as his unique canvas. His toolkit includes standard barber clippers and razors, and he uses colored eyeliner to add the finishing touches and make the image look realistic.

Rob has transformed cutting hair into a work of art, creating exceptionally detailed designs ranging from Steve Jobs to Tetris, and from Spider-Man to sports stars. His work includes celebrities, video game graphics, film characters, star athletes, musicians, and many others. When the local San Antonio Spurs had a rematch with the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, he received lots of requests for his popular basketball-themed styles from both Spurs and Heat fans.


During the World Cup he gained even more popularity as a result of his portraits of footballers such as Neymar and Messi. For several weeks while the tournament was being held, his barber shop was packed with fans wanting to get an image of their favorite player cut into their hair.

Rob the Original has a YouTube channel to show viewers the making of different hair art designs and an Instagram account where he posts photos of his latest creations. You can check out his Steve Jobs and The Amazing Spider-Man haircuts in the videos below:

Rob The Original

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