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Heetch app introduces an inexpensive and sociable way home from the party

Simone Spilka
  • 10 july 2014

Heetch is an ride sharing app in Paris tailored to party-goers in need of a late night lift around town. Every evening from 9pm-6am, Parisians and tourists alike have a solution to the city’s lack of affordable or available nighttime transportation.

While the Founders address the diversity of Paris’ transport system from the metro to taxis to personal cars, they aim to make weekend transportation more accessible in a friendly and sociable way. Heetch urges users to ‘enjoy the night out,’ and provides weekly party recommendations and updates.

The niche service has huge potential to reduce drunk driving because of its convenience and price point. The foundation of the service mimics competition such as Uber or LeCab; users request a ride directly through the application and are matched with a nearby driver. Heetch works as a donation-based system with a suggested amount per distance. The average ride costs $16, which is roughly 30% cheaper than the running meter of a cab in Paris.

Heetch offers the alternative to the heavy weekend surcharges of their competitors, or the sense of professionalism experienced with taxi drivers. Anyone with a driver’s license and a car can join the Heetch driver’s community, and many members utilize the platform as both drivers and passengers. From seed funding of $500,000 raised at the beginning of 2014, Heetch has grown to 200 active drivers and 1,000 riders per week, but is still in its early stages of monetization.

Heetch App Driver and Passenger

The company name Heetch comes from the English word to hitch-hike and was inspired by Jack Kerouac. As startups and trends increasingly emphasize a need for collaborative consumption, Heetch aims to recreate the hitchhiking experiences that climaxed during the 60s and 70s.

On Heetch, users do not ride in cars with strangers, but rather share a journey with fellow community members, whether its from a cozy bar for wine and cheese or a club along the Champs-Elysees. The community continues to grow through user feedback of driver ratings and efficiency – contingent on the passenger’s memory of getting home when they wake up the following morning.


[h/t] TechCrunch

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