Heineken Inspires Urban Adventures With New Twitter-Based Service


The brand's digital tool aggregates social data and notifies users of cities' social hot spots.

Charlie Stephens
  • 15 july 2014

Social media’s effect on society is often debated, criticized, and condemned. The large number of urban citizen’s that have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Foursquare accounts has altered traditional communication, and FOMO, or the ‘fear of missing out’, is a symptom of this hyper-connectivity.

Heineken’s research team has analyzed this social phenomena, and has developed a tool that allows users to search out “the next big thing” in their local community. The brand’s Twitter-based @wherenext service helps consumers seek out and explore their city’s hot-spots.

Users tweet @wherenext and geo-tag their location, and recommendations for events, restaurants, and clubs are instantly generated. The integrated tool pulls data from a variety of social media channels and analyzes it to determine which locations are trending. The recommendations are also available on a mobile responsive website that aggregates photos and specific geographic information.

For citizens of large cities, the service helps to mix up routine social scenes and discover new events. For those of small cities, it solves the problem of not knowing having a cool place to go on a Friday night.

Heineken’s investment in the urban experience stems from its most recent global campaign, “Cities of the World”. The campaign aims to inspire men of the world to embark on worldly adventures and encourage citizens to become “legends of their city”. Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Brand Director for the Global Heineken brand expands on the brand’s ideal consumer and mission:

Our Men of the World know the usual hotspots in their cities, and they are hungry for new experiences,” says Gianluca Di Tondo. “The ‘Cities of the World’ campaign aims to inspire and motivate them to get out of their comfort zones, to embrace the unusual and embark on worldly adventures in their own cities.

The brand has also developed a series of globally branded bottles and short films that generate excitement around the urban experience and the cultural diversity that makes each city unique.


While @wherenext functions on a smaller, community scale, the service is available world wide and caters to each city’s unique “social currency”. For example, New Yorkers see “making it” as the ultimate achievement, while London urbanites tend to value personal development. By curating local posts and photos, @wherenext reflects each individual city’s unique personality.

Heineken’s @wherenext service is transforming digital interactions into real-life adventures, and is improving the impact that social media has on global society. It encourages users to lift their eyes from their phones and contribute to their surrounding social environment in new, exciting ways.

Open Your City // Cities of the World


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