Hermès Storefront Turns into Fox’s Den Made Entirely of Paper

Hermès Storefront Turns into Fox’s Den Made Entirely of Paper
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The Barcelona store intrigues passersby with an intricately detailed scene that is completely handmade

Vashti Hallissey
  • 15 july 2014

The window of the Hermès store in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona stops people in their tracks with a handcrafted fairy-tale scene. It portrays the den of a very sophisticated fox, who is sitting on a stool surrounded by his belongings. Everything in the scene is made from orange and blue paper and the fox himself is crafted from pointed strips of leather.

The Fox’s Den was made by Zim & Zou, a design studio based in Nancy, France for the luxury fashion house. Instead of composing images on a computer, founders Lucie Thomas and Thibualt Zimmerman, specialize in sculptures, illustration and installations made of paper and other tangible materials.

“This Carte Blanche tells the story of a fox who moved into the window with all his personal objects, showing a bit of his life and personality. The leather fox is living in a human interior composed with furniture all made of paper, giving a surrealistic aspect to the scene”, the Zim & Zou website states.

The effect of this handmade window display is magical. It consists of elegant items that reflect the urbane life of the fox, such as a framed graduation picture on the wall, a cuckoo clock and a book entitled ‘The Most Beautiful Fox Holes in the World’. A few Hermès accessories are present, such as silk scarves hanging from the chest of drawers and one of the brand’s famous bags in the corner. It’s a delightful scene and the closer you look, the more you can appreciate the skill that went into constructing the fox’s fictional world.


Hermès prides itself on its heritage of craftsmanship, which makes Zim & Zou’s paper sculptures a natural fit for the brand. The fashion house also worked with the agency last year to create a multi-colored bird made from the offcuts of leather from its workshops. In 2012, Hermès showcased the skills of its creators by offering a behind-the-scenes look at how its iconic bags, silk scarves and jewelry are made.

Many brands are enhancing their shop windows through technology. There are shoppable store windows, windows that rate your outfit and even one with robot mannequins that mimic shopper movements. Created entirely from paper, the Fox’s Den shows that handmade scenes can be just as visually arresting and fantastical as those created with computers.

The Fox’s Den

[h/t] Luxury Launches

Images: Design Boom


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