High-Tech Kegel Trainer for Women Seeking Healthy Pelvic Muscles

High-Tech Kegel Trainer for Women Seeking Healthy Pelvic Muscles

kGoal is a smart activity-tracking tool that helps guide and monitor exercises.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 july 2014

Having strong pelvic muscles are important for numerous reasons; they ensure bladder control and musculoskeletal stability, help women both during and after pregnancy, and promote healthy sexual responses… so why aren’t there many tools to help build them? These are likely some of the things the people at Minna Life were thinking when they created kGoal, a revolutionary product in pelvic floor health.

Minna Life is composed of a team of designers, engineers, and health experts committed to creating high quality sexual health products. After successfully using crowdfunding in the past, the San Francisco based startup designed the kGoal, which is currently collecting backers on Kickstarter. kGoal is the world’s first smart kegel trainer. Consisting of a device, and an app, kGoal functions as an exercise tool and a monitoring and guiding system. It measures the force exerted when pelvic muscles are squeezed and relays the information to your smartphone, then provides real-time biofeedback.


According to Minna Life, the first pelvic floor muscle tool was created in the 1940’s. It used an air pressure balloon and tire gauge, and no one has made good use of new technologies to improve it. Personal health trackers are very common now, and things like Jawbone have become very successful because they allow you to take control of your own health. With kGoal that same concept can help you take control of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

The main part of the kGoal is inserted into the vagina while the arm stays outside to hold it in place. The exterior is made of a squeezable pillow that is designed to be comfortable and conformable- so it can be used with different body types. During use, information is wireless uploaded to the app, allowing for workout suggestions and logging of exercise history. It is safe to use, waterproof for cleaning, and comes with travel-friendly USB charger.


So far, kGoal has raised more than $160,000, surpassing its goal of $90,000- and pledges can continue to be made up until August 4th. To obtain your own kGoal, a minimum pledge of $125 is required, with shipping expected in December of 2014.

kGoal // Minna Life

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