Houseware Collection Inspired By Natural Textures of Fruit Peels

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Colorful containers perfect for a summertime pool party

Ross Brooks
  • 22 july 2014

Fruit peels are nature’s version of tupperware, so it makes perfect sense that a designer would use fruit skins as the inspiration for a unique collection of summertime homeware. Fruit Wares is a set of fruit peel resin reproductions by Mathery Studio that features orange jars, avocado vases, and pineapple punch bowls. Some are made from geometric sections of fruit, but the end result is the same, a cool collection of containers perfect for a pool party.

Previously known as Fruit Ninja, the idea came together when Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli, co-owners of the studio, were out doing a stint of fruit-picking. “We never really thought about product design at the time but we eventually made the link almost subconsciously,” the pair tells dineXdesign. “Fruit Wares is a reflection of the aesthetic of the fruit skin, a natural material that we decided to decontextualise for a better evaluation.”

The designers opted for bright colors not just because it gels with the summertime so well, but also because their base of operations in Melbourne is always bursting with colors. “We have noticed that australians really love colours and you can see it everywhere, people are not scared of patterns and colours and textures…at all!”

Mathery Studio got its start while the pair were still students. They decided to create an object every day for 100 days that could satisfy a need, whether it was really simple or an unusual mix of materials that were given new function. As the designer duo explain, “People started browsing through our blog while drinking their morning espresso and suddenly we reached more than 6000 visits per day! We did it for a total of 100 days. From that moment things just exploded.”

They won’t be the cheapest set of bowls you’ve ever bought, but for those who are interested, you can buy the bowls and containers online.

Mathery Studio

[h/t] dineXdesign

Images by Mathery Studio


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