Large Human Garden Educates People On Herbal Medicine Benefits

Large Human Garden Educates People On Herbal Medicine Benefits
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The Traveing Herbman Cafe Project is a plant and herb garden that teaches people about the medicinal properties and benefits of botanicals

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 11 july 2014

Botanicals have been used for medicinal purposes dating back thousands of years, and it’s relatively shocking how little people today know about the benefits of herbal remedies; that’s why the Medicinal Herbman Cafe Project was originally started: to increase awareness about how herbs, plants and botanicals can be used to treat the body in beneficial ways.

A crew of landscape designers known as Earthscape spend their summers traveling with a 60-meter man-shaped structure made completely of herbs and plants – in order to educate people on how they can utilize the botanicals and herbalism as part of their daily intake to help with things like stress, digestion and other common illnesses.


Various spots on the Herbman’s body act as a map to indicate which herbs can heal those specific parts of the body. For example, herbs that help with migraine headaches are planted in head region of the man, while, other botanicals that help stress are planted near the shoulders. The designers also like to use local plants when possible.


The Earthscape team travels with the botanicals by means of loaded shipping containers and supplies. Upon arrival at a new location, all the herbs, planting material and tools are unpacked by the team in order to plant the giant herb garden (shaped like Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”).


From there, the containers used for carrying supplies are transformed into a hybrid shop/cafe (made of eco-friendly material, all of which is built and decorated with salvaged building materials and antiques), Local residents and passersby can in turn learn about the healing properties of herbal medicine while enjoying light refreshments of food and beverage.



At the end of the Herbman’s stay, the supplies get packed up and all the cafe’s proceeds go towards building playgrounds and similar community developments in developing countries; then, it’s on to the next locale.


via Inhabitat

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