Hyundai Smart Technology Ad Proves Self-Driving Cars Are Here

Hyundai Smart Technology Ad Proves Self-Driving Cars Are Here

'The Empty Car Convoy' video by Hyundai showcases the motor company’s latest smart technology in a convoy of self driving cars

Daniela Walker
  • 24 july 2014

Self-driving cars are well and truly here. At least, that is what Hyundai wants us to believe with their latest viral video, The Empty Car Convoy. In it, six 2015 Hyundai Genesis cars are driven by stunt drivers until one by one they jump out of the vehicles in order to allow the cars drive on their own.

At the front of the convoy is Buddy Joe, a stunt driver, who also narrates the ad. While the other drivers jump out of the car onto a mattress-lined flat bed truck, Joe stays in his car at the front of the convoy. Once all the drivers are out, he then blindfolds himself and brings his arms up to his chest to show that he too is not controlling his car.


The technology in the Genesis includes Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking System, and Lane Keep Assist System. With the three working together, the cars managed to stay in their lanes, at a safe speed and distance from one another, so that when the flatbed truck abruptly halts in front of them, all of their brakes are engaged and – spoiler alert – none get into a crash.


The video is intended to demonstrate how the Hyundai Genesis’ features can be helpful to a driver who is actually in the car – part of their ‘Smart caring for people’ mission – but the belief was that the impact would be more strongly felt if there was risk and danger involved. As Buddy Joe states in the voiceover:

I believe action speaks louder than words. The challenge was to show these caring driver assist features in an exciting way, but you guys it seems are pretty hard to excite. Maybe the only way is to put our life on the line – proof through jeopardy.

While the video is a demonstration of technologies for a car intended for people, it still shows that self-driving automotives are no longer science fiction.

Hyundai – The Empty Car Convoy

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