DIY Ice Cube Jewelry Guarantees A Chilled Out Summer

DIY Ice Cube Jewelry Guarantees A Chilled Out Summer
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Do-it-yourself solutions make for a chill (and stylish) summer on a budget.

Hilary Weaver
  • 3 july 2014

Mathery Studios has discovered a way to make ice even cooler this summer. The studio’s Tumblr page features instructions for crafters to drop a piece of string or chain into an ice tray before freezing to make a necklace or bracelet with an ice pendant. The pendant takes about five minutes to make and is a fashionable alternative to a personal fan during sticky parades and humid days at the beach. Crafters can get creative with the pieces by inserting beads or other colorful pieces inside the ice to give the frozen accessory some flair.


The cubes function as wearable cooling mechanisms that the crafter can wear until the pendant melts, leaving the chain or string behind.

For Mathery’s 100 Innovations in 100 days project, one of which was the ice cube jewelry, the crafty inventors also suggested projects from a pool floatation device comprised of plastic water bottles to a bike basket made of pinecones.


Playful and fun ice accessories are also a helpful tool for smaller tykes who need to keep cool in the sweltering heat. One Pinterest user provides instructions for colored ice play blocks that help babies develop sensory skills and provide a nice chill as they play poolside.

Ice Blocks.jpg

Whether its on a string or in the hands of babes, innovative companies like Mathery and many Pinterest users think ice is the way to go for some good, cheap DIY summer fun.

Mathery Studios

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