Iceberg Candles Make Global Warming a Home Decor Option

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The end of the world never looked this good

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 30 july 2014

Italy-based Gentle Giants Studio have created a candle collection that visualizes the effects of global warming in an elegant way.

The Bergy Bit collection, named after the small pieces of ice that break free from a larger iceberg, was created recently for the BOZU Italian Design Workshop. The candles come in Bergamot, Mandarin and Green bamboo scents in two sizes.

Meant to remind people of the cascading effects of climate change and the inexorable path to global warming, these candles serve as a subtle reminder to each of us to reduce our emissions, consumption and waste.

Other projects have used the powerful process of melting to get a similar point across. The ‘Meltdown‘ board game is made from ice people can make in their freezer that melts as the game is played to add a sense of urgency. These small figurines placed in a public square in Brazil were individually molded and frozen, making each one unique as they melt into puddles in full view of the public.

Artists and designers are finding creative options to reinforce environmentalism for people who are already overwhelmed with ‘go green’ messaging and have become blind to such messages, much like with ad blindness. New projects such as these reach the viewer in a new way so that they are confronted with the issue of climate change and have to think about it before they can turn their blinders on.

Bergy Bit

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