Illustrator Debuts Vibrant Geometric Patterns in Imaginative Photo Shoot

Illustrator Debuts Vibrant Geometric Patterns in Imaginative Photo Shoot

Artist Judy Kaufmann bows her new collection called 'Hello Pattern'

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 july 2014

Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Judy Kaufmann has created a new collection of colorful, geometric and whimsical patterns that can be used on paper, fabric, wood and walls.

The colorful pattern collection, called Hello Pattern, was designed to decorate living rooms, kitchens, walls, furniture, shower curtains, devices, ceramics, homeware and even laptops as well as mobile covers. The patterns can be used to cover surfaces and objects, or they can also be used by themselves as a piece of art displayed on a frame.

Kaufmann worked with a photographer to feature the collection of patterns on various objects. The illustrator set camouflaged objects such as bottles, balls, planters, toy horses, tea kettles, a set of ping pong rackets, a cone and a toy car against the patterns to display the fun and quirky new designs.


The patterns feature a variety of shapes and objects. One of the patterns is strictly all about familiar geometric shapes like circles, squares, and rectangles. Other patterns feature various plane figures that are a combination of different shapes while the rest of the patterns in the collection feature lines, curves, seemingly random squiggles, as well as objects like cars, birds, cactus-like things, kitchenware, utensils, balloons and whimsical doodles.


Kaufmann writes,

These patterns are a perfect fit for small, medium and large retailers, manufacturers, product designers, fashion designers, interior designers, and to use in any kind of surface. These varied and simple forms can be used for any kind of surface, permit flexibility and are easily customized.

Each of the patterns is available for purchase with a non-exclusive license. Buyers are provided with an editable .pdf as a final file format.

Kaufmann has done work for clients like Levi’s,Tattly, Brussels Airlines, Google UK, and more. She has also been published in the New York, Ikea Magazine, Computer Arts, and Frankie Magazine among others. Aside from being busy with her illustration practice, the artist also collaborates every year with the University of Barcelona and teaches a class on creativity for advertising students.

View more of the patterns in the Hello Pattern collection on the project website.

Hello Pattern

Source: DesignMilk

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