Illustrator Turns 50 Facebook Profile Photos into Sloth Watercolor Paintings

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UK artist's sloth conversions get the approval of Mark Zuckerberg

Ross Brooks
  • 31 july 2014

Hector Janse van Rensburg, also known as Shitty Watercolour, is an artist from the UK who’s been obsessed with sloths since 2013. His latest outlet has been to recreate random Facebook users’ profile pictures as sloth watercolor paintings, and then message them to said user. Not only are they adorable, but the artworks have even attracted the approval of the Facebook founder himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

Instead of a flash of inspiration, Rensburg actually turned to watercolors after being rejected from his first-choice university. He then made a name for himself on Reddit by painting fellow Redditors’, and turning celebrities into sloths during their “Ask Me Anything” sessions. If you want to track down some of his work, he goes by the username Shitty_Watercolour on the site.

A crowning achievement for the artist was when Mark Zuckerberg gave the thumbs up to a sloth recreation of himself on Facebook – and then went on to like another for good measure.

Rensburg feels that he has got sloths out of his system for the time being, and is even considering a short break from the world of slow-moving mammals. “Having said that, I am sitting at my desk with about a hundred sloth paintings on my walls and desk, a ‘sloth with a pearl earring’ custom doll based on one of my paintings by my side, and doing an interview about how I spent the last week painting sloths, so I think I have to accept it is part of who I am,” the artist tells Mashable.

The latest development in the sloth saga is that people on Reddit have requested a series of paintings based on the girls over at the NSFW subreddit “/r/gonewild.” We have no idea if it will, or has already, come to fruition, but you can always go exploring if you have an artistic appreciation for the more erotic side of life.

[h/t] BoredPanda, Mashable

Shitty Watercolour

Images by Hector Janse van Rensburg

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