Inflatable Bag Protects Digital Devices In Crowded Areas

Inflatable Bag Protects Digital Devices In Crowded Areas
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The Fugu Bag can be blown up to cushion your gadgets from the urban grind.

Vashti Hallissey
  • 2 july 2014

Nowadays digital devices are often our most precious possessions. We use them to store our photos, memories, entertainment, work and contacts. They are the passport to our daily lives. But more often than not we carry them around in bags that aren’t designed to keep them safe, exposing them to the risks inherent in city life.

Royal College of Art graduate Peng You, in collaboration with ECAL graduate Hongchao Wang, has designed an inflatable bag that protects digital devices in an urban environment. The Fugu Bag is made of a durable carbon-fibre fabric that is coated on both sides with polyurethane. The panels of the bag are welded together, rather than sewn, which gives it extra strength and makes the seams waterproof.


We’re seen other products designed that to protect devices, including phone condoms to protect mobiles from the rain, an iPhone case made of flexible concrete and even a tongue-in-cheek design for an airbag phone case, but this is the first inflatable bag we’ve seen that’s designed specifically for this purpose.

You’s mission statement speaks to this:

The product is intended for people who work and live in the urban environment. People carry more and more electronic products every day, such as laptops, i-pads, cameras, i-phones, etc., and those things are very valuable, but most carrying bags cannot provide enough protection for those products in case of impact.


Inside, the bag features inflatable sections made of thermoplastic polyurethane film, a strong and stretchable fabric. When inflated, they cushion the bag’s contents from any outside impact or shocks. You can inflate and deflate these sections to customize the bag to its contents. The Fugu Bag takes just one minute to pump up, staying inflated for up to five days, and it can be deflated in 10 seconds.

“If you have something sensitive or fragile, the inflating panel provides a safer space for your things. If you don’t have anything need to protect, you can just release the air,” You told Dezeen.


Many protective bags designed for gadgets is that they can be bulky and weigh you down, which is the last thing you need when riding a bike around the city or squeezing onto the Metro during rush hour. Since it’s inflatable, the Fugu Bag has the enormous advantage of being lightweight as well as tough, which makes it easier to use.

The Fugu Bag was presented at the Show RCA 2014.

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