Interactive Calendars Let People Track Feelings with Hearts and Emoticons

Interactive Calendars Let People Track Feelings with Hearts and Emoticons
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Users can create a permanent record of their love lives and moods throughout the year in poster form

Vashti Hallissey
  • 16 july 2014

We often associate infographics and emoticons with online content, but a new calendar invites people to create their own by putting pen to paper. Spanish designer Raquel Catalan has produced two Life Calendars that you can put up on your wall and draw on every day to make a unique record of your moods or love life.

“My inspiration was to find a new look for calendars, to give importance to our experiences and to let people create a very personal calendar that sums up their year”, says Raquel Catalan, founder of Barcelona-based design studio Brigada Creative, to PSFK.

The first in the series is How was your day? a giant poster covered with 365 dots which are predominately yellow with a few blue ones scattered here and there. The idea is that you turn the dots into faces that show whether you have had a very good, good, ordinary, bad or very bad day.

The second design is Love Life, Day by Day, a calendar with 365 heart shapes that users are invited to colour with a red pen according to a special code. Each quarter of a heart represents an aspect of a relationship: time together, conversation, caress-kisses and sex. The idea is that the more red there is on the calendar, the move love there is in the relationship.

Like other types of self-tracking, one of the reasons to use the life calendars is to recognise patterns in feelings and behaviour and to improve upon them.

“The calendars are for all kinds of people, people that feel young, positive and eager to improve their daily life”, explains Catalan.

However, the difference between the Life Calendars and other self-tracking tools is that these are intended to be a light-hearted design feature rather than a scientific study. And as they are tangible and have the charm of being hand drawn, they can serve as mementos of particular times in your life.

“When completed, you can keep it as a nice memory in a poster format. You can frame it and use it to decorate your home, you could also do one every year to create a whole collection”, Catalan told us.

The Life Calendars show that self-tracking isn’t just for computers and mobiles, you can also chart your moods on paper to create eye-catching art work. And as Brigada Creative is planning to bring out more designs in the series shortly, there will soon be more even ways to turn our every day emotions into unique designs.

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