How Jawbone And Nest Are Creating An Automated Home

How Jawbone And Nest Are Creating An Automated Home

The fitness tracker works together with the smart thermostat to automatically cool down your home as your body heats up.

Kourosh Behnam
  • 10 july 2014

Just a year ago PSFK Labs published our Future Of Home Living report uncovering the emerging behaviors, technologies, products, services and initiatives that are driving the evolution of the home. A key takeaway from this exercise was thinking about better living through technology, and how a range of emerging technologies enable us to control and customize the sensory aspects of our home from lighting to atmosphere, creating an optimal environment to live. With the recent partnership between Nest and Jawbone, we see the early stages of a more connected home ecosystem coming to fruition.

The UP24 by Jawbone is wearable device that tracks your physical movement and sleep patterns while the Nest Learning Thermostat recognizes your schedule and the temperatures you like in your home. Both of these devices have been designed so that developers can build new products and apps to integrate with each system without having to replace the physical products themselves. Specifically, Nest announced its new Developer Program: an initiative that will allow 5,000 developers to dabble and create new Nest functionality for the home.

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The combination of Jawbone and Nest working together can now give people seamless and low-hassle control over the temperature in their homes. According to Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, said:

Through UP Insights, Jawbone has shared the fact that an ideal sleeping environment is cooler, between 65 and 72 degrees. With the Nest Integration, we no longer just tell you this fact. We make it a reality. Once your band enters Sleep Mode, your thermostat will kick down to your ideal temperature.

This powerful integration is not just about connecting devices; it’s creating better experiences between people, technology, and enhancing lifestyle. These Internet-enabled devices are providing greater convenience and efficiency to people’s lives by letting them know about the performance, condition, and needs of their home, and themselves, in a seamless and unobtrusive way.


On a broader scale, we see the Jawbone and Nest integration as part of a larger idea we identified in our recently released Real World Web report called programmable lifestyle: an emerging marketplace of simple programming interfaces that is allowing anyone from seasoned hackers to computer novices to experiment with internet-enabled sensors and devices in their own lives. These interactive “recipes” enable people to connect multiple objects together through automated actions that respond to a specific set of conditions, and share the resulting data and experiences with the wider community.

In the near future, Jawbone and Nest are expecting even more partners to join their platforms. The amount of flexibility that these companies are providing demonstrates their potential for growth, permitting an ecosystem of technology revolving around individual people.

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