Jellyfish Tank Installation Opens After Store Hours


Derelict building filled with fluorescent sea creatures for local residents.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 july 2014

The latest project by the artistic duo of Walter Hugo & Zoniel involves a derelict building, an automated shutter, and a tank of fluorescent jellyfish. Located in the the Northwestern city of Liverpool in the UK, the exhibit aims to intrigue and inspire people in the surrounding area. It’s also part of an intercity collaboration that will involve the event being live-streamed from Gazelli Art House in London.

Every evening from 26th June – 27th July, the shutter of the building will automatically open to reveal a space filled with tanks of mesmerizing jellyfish. The artists to let the local community generate interest through word of mouth, which is why they opted not to run a marketing campaign. It was simply opened unexpectedly for residents of the area.

Gazelli Art House in London will live-stream the jellyfish tank, creating a virtual corridor between the two cities.

Walter Hugo & Zoniel are a young London based Artist duo. Multi-disciplinary in their practice, the pair’s work is centered on using scientific process and pioneering the modern development of early photographic techniques.

Walter Hugo & Zoniel

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