Wear Your Dinner With Kentucky Fried Chicken Bone Gold Necklaces

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These finger-licking necklaces are real KFC bones, gold plated and ready to wear.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 2 july 2014

Have you ever wanted to wear your dinner? The question conjures images of grease and sauce stains on shirts, slacks and dresses that you hope will come out in the wash. Thankfully, Kentucky jeweler Meg C has found a less messy way to show off your favorite meal: plating Kentucky Fried Chicken bones in 14 karat gold.

The KFC meal is so beloved that the artist decided to integrate it into her works of fashion. She turned the bones from 25 chicken wings (devoured by the artist herself and her boyfriend) into necklaces.

After cleaning the bones thoroughly with soap and water, Meg painted them with a varnish to seal them, then added a coat with a graphite conductive paint so that the copper will stick to the bone. From there, the copper is electroformed, a process of coating them with a thick layer of copper which takes about 3-4 hours per bone, and from there, they are gold electroplated. Factoring in a week or so of experimenting, it took the artist a month to finish 20 necklaces.

The mix of gold and fried chicken is a winning combination, and can be worn with just about anything as Meg C explained, “You can rock your chicken bone with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or your little black dress, that’s the great thing about gold, it makes any outfit look fabulous. And don’t chicken bones just go with everything?”

The necklaces were part of a limited run on her website, where small bone necklaces were $130 and larger bone necklaces were $160. While the necklaces have all sold out, it is worth noting she does still have a wish bone necklace for sale, if you still want some chicken-related jewelry or any of her other fabulous homemade pieces.

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