Laser-Cut Wooden Box for Luxury Cheese is Packaging You’ll Be Unable to Part With

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Build your own animal display case from the box your cheese arrives in

Ross Brooks
  • 28 july 2014

For most people, packaging is just an afterthought, something that served its purpose well but now has to go straight in the trash. The problem with this mentality is that we don’t realize just how much we’re throwing away over an extended period of time. Enter the Little Twig Farm’s laser-cut wooden packaging for their line of luxury cheeses. The box it comes in isn’t just a protective case, it’s a part of the experience, and also something you’re much less likely to throw away.

Designed by student Xiao Han, each of the boxes features laser cuts that allow parts of the package to be removed and assembled as either a cow, goat, or sheep. These wooden animals can then be used a stand for the cheese, which adds an extra element to cheese tasting, and gives you a memento of your purchase worth keeping. Granted, luxury cheese is a fairly niche market, but it’s interesting to see more value being placed on packaging.

As the designer describes on their Behance profile:

This Little Twig Farm is an artisan cheese maker in Vermont.There are 3 types of cheeses, Crottin de Chavignol, Bleu d’Auvergne & Tome au Marc. The design concept brings joy and sustainability all together. Our smooth textures and fresh flavors will bring you back to the beauty of nature.Summer nights, breaking down little twigs and making your own cheese cradle. Our lovely cheese cradles will pleasure you for always.

It’s unclear what elements of the packaging are actually sustainable, but at least the design encourages people to appreciate the whole package, as opposed to just what’s inside. The wood that doesn’t form part of the cheese holder could also be sent back to the company for recycling, which might incur discounts on future purchases, or points as part of a loyalty scheme.

While it’s easy to think packaging is just a barrier between us and the thing we want, the real challenge is to acknowledge that when it’s added together with everyone else’s waste, it can amount to a big problem.

Xiao Han

[h/t] TheDieLine

Images by Xiao Han

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