Lego-Like Smart Bricks Would Make It Child’s Play To Build A Home

Lego-Like Smart Bricks Would Make It Child’s Play To Build A Home
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Snap-together brick design lowers building costs by up to 50%

Ross Brooks
  • 9 july 2014

Traditional bricks are already a lot like Lego, but Kite Bricks think they have come up with a new “Smart Brick” that claims it can reduce building costs by 50%, and lead to significant energy savings after your house has been put together. Kite Bricks are still made from energy-intensive concrete, but with reduced requirements for natural materials such as sand, iron, and water. Assuming the idea gets past the prototype stage, it could make it a lot easier for people to build their own homes.


Kite Bricks are made to order for maximum flexibility, which includes shapes, sizes and finishes, both inside and out. They feature LEGO-like “studs” on the top of each brick which makes them easy to snap together. For people building their own homes, the bricks also feature open internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements, and even an access panel for effortless renovations and repairs.

Real alternatives to the Smart Brick do not exist. Most blocks are “dumb” in that they simply provide a structural scaffolding onto or through which important elements are decorated—just as was done 100 years ago.

Apart from lower building and heating costs, the bricks would mean no debris on building sites, clean and quiet construction, and no need for scaffolding, mortar or leveling. Even multi-story buildings are a possibility, which instead of cranes, would only need an elevator on site to carry the bricks to where they need to go.


Kite Bricks says the idea is the solution for building from “Manhattan to Africa.”

The brick’s low cost and great flexibility means that it can be constructed from a wide range of materials, reflecting local availabilities and traditional uses. The brick offers advantages to the Indian farmer as well as to the French wine broker.

It makes a lot of claims, but if the brick becomes a reality and can actually save money on building and heating costs, there are likely to be a lot of people interested in the idea. Who wouldn’t want to build their own house if it was just like putting together a LEGO set?

Kite Bricks

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