In Brief

How an architectural trend has changed in the age of refurbishing and repurposing.

This article titled “Assemble: from pop-ups to grown-ups” was written by Rowan Moore, for The Observer on Saturday 5th July 2014 23.05 UTC

It wasn’t the Summer of Love, nor yet the Winter of Discontent, but it is possible for impatient trend historians to look back to 2010 and discern the Autumn of Pop-Ups. For then it was that underemployed young architects and architectural students, finding sites left momentarily vacant by a lull in south-east England’s property orgy, used their energy, initiative and willingness to work hard for no more reward than personal satisfaction, to create short-lived projects of wit and charm. Of these, the most striking and delightful was Cineroleum, the cinema in an old petrol station in London by a loosely assembled group who eventually called themselves Assemble.

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