Lullaby Music Box Serves as Multipurpose Baby Monitor Device

Lullaby Music Box Serves as Multipurpose Baby Monitor Device

How baby monitoring is adapting in the age of technology

Hilary Weaver
  • 25 july 2014

In 2010, Disney released comedy Good Luck Charlie, which featured a family who navigates the ins and outs of unexpected later-life parenting. A recent Indigogo project, baby monitor Good Night Charly, mimics the show’s title and introduces a way to hurdle a common obstacle for a parent of an infant, no matter what stage of life: getting through the sleepless nights.

Using Good Night Charly, parents can download iTunes or Spotify songs or lullabies that sooth their babies to sleep. The monitor syncs to smartphones and can sends parents an alert when their baby is upset or having a restless night.

The compact box holds a built-in microphone, speaker, thermometer and hygrometer. The microphone and speaker and sync to the phone to allow parents to call from afar to tell their baby goodnight. The thermometer and hygrometer send an update to parents when they need to adjust the temperature or humidity levels in the room and allow for a better nightlong sleep.

In the era in which many parents tote baby in one arm and smartphone in the other, other apps have taken the hint to link portable tech with baby monitoring devices. In a September 2013 Mashable featured the Baby Monitor 3G, which connects to any i0S platform, including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Unlike Good Night Charly, Baby Monitor 3G is solely operated by any two of these portable electronic devices. One of the devices is designated the “Baby Station” and remains in the baby’s room, while the other, the “Parent Device” is what mom, dad or guardian designate as the device to carry with them. The danger with a device like this is that an unlocked Wi-Fi could allow strangers to access the monitor stream. Regardless, Good Night Charly and its counterpart baby monitors offer parents easy solutions for raising their infants in a high-tech world.


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