Marriage Proposal Resume Asks Employers ‘Will You Hire Me’?

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Quebec-based designer Catherine Pelletier crafted a resume looking like an engagement proposal

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 17 july 2014

A marriage proposal is something that should handled with care. Picking out the ring, finding the right words to say, choosing the perfect moment to pop the question. In a lot of ways, the stress of figuring out all the right moves is like applying to a job, or at least Quebec-based designer Catherine Pelletier thought so when she presented employers with a USB in a ring-box and asked them, “Will you hire me?”

Each individual resume is contained with a small box wrapped with a bow. Inside is a ring box containing a USB with her resume and other credentials as well as a silk printed mini book discussing why the company should say yes to her surprising and unexpected proposal.

Pelletier described her project as a way to help employers to see that she was that special someone they’d been waiting for to apply:

I decided to present the cheesy, hopelessly romantic side of me by designing a tongue-in-cheek love letter/ marriage proposal like project that could be given to a potential employer. The goal of my work is to create intimacy with the viewer, and present myself as THE designer they’ve been looking for, THE ONE they need.

The entire proposal is in French, so English speakers will just have to imagine Pelletier’s convincing words, wooing each employer with her education, perseverance and creativity. There’s no word yet as to whether this design, posted on her Behance page in April of 2014, has landed her a job or not, but it certainly is impressive and eye catching.

She is not alone in deciding to deviant from the tried and true method of applying for a job. Miruna Macri created fake passports and intentionally lost them on the streets of New York, Canadian Brennan Gleason turned his resume into a four-pack of home brewed beer, and Jenny Johns turned her CV into a playable board game. In a time when jobs are scarce and competition is fierce, Pelletier and her contemporaries are standing out in the best way possible.

Catherine Pelletier

[h/t] DesignTaxi


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