McDonald’s French Fries Reenact World Cup Highlights


The fast food giant is using its product in a fried and fun way to celebrate the international soccer competition.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 7 july 2014

The World Cup has inspired passion and creativity in fans around the globe, but fans are not the only ones getting in on the fun. McDonald’s, one of the major sponsors of the tournament, has created its own tribute to these matches that are captivating the world by re-enacting them with their most famous product: french fries.

McDonald’s has created a series of video re-enacting the most memorable moments from the individuals games called FryFutbol. Whether it be Tim Howard’s incredible goalie skills when the US played against Belgium or when the Netherlands swapped goalies right at the end of overtime. Every match is immortalized in deep fried goodness, in case you want to go back and relive some of the earlier games in the global competition.

Fries McDonalds Penality.jpg

Each video features fries with little sets of eyes attached handling a ball on a stick, though it can be hard to tell which fry is playing for what team as they aren’t wearing jerseys. Even so, if you’re an avid fan who been catching all the games (even sneaking peeks at them at work) you can easily understand the references made in the videos. These videos are all wordless, so they can be understood by fans all around the world, and are suitable for viewers of all ages.

The videos are made overnight with help from Facebook’s creative team and visual effects experts Framestore. It’s part of McDonald’s larger GOL campaign, which includes a number of different facets for people to enjoy, like a peel game where customers can win free food or a trip to the finals. Another promotion includes an augmented reality game that customers can access by using their smartphones and a special design on packages of medium or large size fries. The fries containers also feature twelve different designs inspired by the World Cup.

While McDonald’s and soccer are two international loves, the combination can come off a bit odd. Still, it’s the second best use of their golden fries and proves that they are willing to take a chance on new ideas. A short recap of the Belgium vs. US game, highlighting Tim Howard’s excellent goalkeeper skills can be viewed above.


[h/t] Creativity, Ad Age

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