Melting Ice Cream Serves as Metaphor in Time-Lapse Film

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'Creamlapse' shows several ice cream treats coming apart as a comment on the nature of time and life

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 28 july 2014

When people think of summer, typically the images that come to mind are the beach, barbecues, road trips and ice cream trucks making their way down suburban streets. But where there’s ice cream and heat, there’s melting, the dissolving of those sweet treats in the hot summer sun. While the melting of ice cream is rarely a joyous sight, it can be a beautiful one.

Sevilla-based artist Mateo Cabeza took over 3,500 photos of different kinds of melting ice cream, to the delight and horror of viewers all around the world. The video uses a hyper-lapse technique to take continuous photos of a subject, shot with a Canon 5D markII, and then combined to show a moving picture. The video shows an ice cream cone, popsicle, ice cream cake, Frigo Pie and ice cream sandwiches, all set to the tune of Bobby Vinton’s “Mr. Lonely.”

According to a statement he made to Makamo, the film is all about the contrast between the happiness represented by ice cream and the sadness as it melts away uneaten. It also is a representation of life and how it is always affect by the passage of time, slowly falling away but still leaving behind a trace of what once was. Cabeza also admits he was influenced by the films of Wes Anderson, as reflected in his choice of color and frame composition. It may seem like a waste of perfectly good ice cream but it is a worthy sacrifice in the name of art.


[h/t] Makamo

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