Put Space On Your Face With NASA Satellite Scarves

Put Space On Your Face With NASA Satellite Scarves
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Slow Factory's new resort collection reminds us of the beauty of our planet.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 7 july 2014

When you live in a big city it can be hard to remember to stop and smell the roses, and harder still to appreciate the skies, which are all too often blocked from view by skyscrapers. Slow Factory is a fashion company whose mission is to remind people to slow down and remember the big picture, and for their latest collection of accessories they aim to show us the beauty of city nights from the sky.

‘Cities by Night’ and ‘USA by Night’ is the first resort collection inspired by NASA’s satellite images. The line features a set of silk scarves adorned with actual satellite images captured of the United States, New York, Paris, and London at night.


Celine Semaan Vernon, founder of Slow Factory, spent a lot of time looking at the stars as a child, and was bothered by her inability to see them after moving to New York City. After looking at some of NASA’s images, she became inspired to start the collection.

According to Slow Factory, almost every astronaut who sees the Earth from space explains it as a feeling of artificiality and absurdity towards national identity. The ‘Cities by Night’ and ‘USA by Night’ scarves hope to bring that same sense to every one of us. The environmentally friendly company uses sustainable practices when crafting the limited edition scarves, which are made in Italy and New York. They are available for purchase from the Slow Factory website for $275 each.


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