Neglected Spaces Strategically Redesigned to Foster 21st Century Creative Thinking

Neglected Spaces Strategically Redesigned to Foster 21st Century Creative Thinking
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No Right Brain Left Behind and Green Dot Public Schools convert an uninspired, underused public library into a modern space fit for 21st century learning

Melanie Ehrenkranz
  • 30 july 2014

An underused public library in California has been radically transformed into a strategically designed immersive environment meant to inspire 21st century innovative thinking. This titivated space – called the Locke JetSpace – is the brainchild of Green Dot Public Schools and No Right Brain Left Behind. It’s a prototype space – hoping to serve as a blueprint for modular spaces that will provide schools with a redesign concept for neglected spaces. Founder of No Right Brain Left Behind Viktor Venson says:

Our aim is to build amazing and scalable learning spaces on a minimal school footprint, that can energize the school, and build on all the other great things a school is doing. We want to open the doors of public education and invite partners to plug into these spaces with valuable tools and programming.


Locke JetSpace, launched in Locke High School in Watts, California, is a 3,000 sqft space cleverly designed to incite discovery, play, and learning. Gone are traditional plastic chairs, dismal concrete floors, and meh wallpaper. Custom designed furniture includes modular hexagonal units that can be fashioned into seating, tabletops, and bookshelves, depending on user need. Carpets feature islands of fabric with bursts of color and patterns. Blank walls serve as canvases for projections and interactive play, with tessellated areas designated for student artwork.

GPF_4235 (1).jpg

No Right Brain Left Behind has pinpointed three categories that are central to nurturing holistic resourcefulness in classrooms – entrepreneurship, communications, and media literacy. Together with schools, brands, and NGOs, No Right Brain Left Behind used the aforesaid three categories as a muse in developing the ideal learning atmosphere. Director of Development at Green Dot Schools says:

If we can get this model right, it could be scaled to include other schools as part of our national turnaround model.

GPF_4273 (3).jpg
The fundamental objective in overhauling these uninspired school spaces is to cultivate students’ skills best fit to solve 21st century problems. No Right Brain Left Behind’s goal is “to instill creativity and innovation in global education”, and the Locke Jetspace showcases how design can play a vital role in instilling inventiveness in young minds that will shape the future.



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