Nescafé Inserts 3D Mugs Into Newspapers to Inspire Shared Moments


The instant coffee brand's Pop-Up Café reintroduces coffee's social and communication benefits.

Charlie Stephens
  • 9 july 2014


Reading the morning paper can be quite lonely- even for those crammed in a busy metro or stuck in a crowded plaza. Readers must divert their attention from their surrounding environment to focus on the words at hand.

To inspire readers to lift their eyes and interact with those around them, Nescafé has constructed newspaper advertisements equipped with two foldable mugs packed with instant coffee.


Upon opening the ad, readers can unfold the paper mugs and fill them with hot water to produce an instant drink. The two mugs encourage readers to share their moment with someone around them, whether it be a stranger, co-worker, or friend.

The Pop-Up Café was executed with the help of creative agency Geometry Global Paris, and has been distributed throughout the Parisian metro system to inspire social interaction amongst urban commuters. The instant café concept transforms the traditional two-dimensional reading experience into a shared activity- drawing upon coffee’s centuries old function as a social lubricant.

In a similarly innovative tactic, the brand previously turned its product’s 3D-printed coffee lid into an Alarm Cap, encouraging people to get their day started instantly with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Nescafé’s creative strategies work in tandem to stress the everyday importance of their product, emphasizing an instant coffee experience that is both productive and spontaneous.

Nescafé has recognized what must be done to stay relevant in a world dominated by large coffee chains and and stimulating café environments. The brand emphasizes the secondary and tertiary benefits that come along with the obvious advantages of a sweet, caffeinated boost.

Technological developments are transforming the ways people consume media and influence all aspects of daily life. Customers are keenly aware of this, and brands are steadily adapting. Nescafé’s social experiment is a refreshing example of how brands are capable of reintroducing key social elements back into consumer culture.

Pop-Up Café // Geometry Global Paris // Alarm Cap

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