Nike Vending Machine Accepts FuelBand as Form of Payment

Nike Vending Machine Accepts FuelBand as Form of Payment

The Nike FuelBox lets users cash in their wearable wristband for sports gear like socks, shirts, and hats

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 july 2014

Global sports brand Nike has created a special vending machine in New York City that only accepted Nike+ FuelBand for Nike products.

The vending machine, dubbed the Nike+ FuelBox, doesn’t accept cash as payment, and instead lets consumers plug in their Nike+ FuelBand USB to “purchase” Nike items like socks, shirts, and hats. The machines lets FuelBand users gain real “rewards” for engaging in physical activities with the Fuelband.

The Nike+ FuelBox is being placed for about a day at a time at secret locations all around the city.

The company first announced the arrival of the vending machine by tweeting a photo of the machine and the words, “Move more. Earn more. The Nike+ FuelBox, coming soon to a corner near you.”


On July 17th, the day of the first appearance of the Nike vending machine, the company then tweeted, “The Nike+ FuelBox drops today and only your Nike+ FuelBand makes it work. Keep your eyes open. Keep your movement up.” Nike proceeded to tweet hints about the secret location of the Nike+ FuelBox until it announced that is was “gone for now” but coming to another location.

On July 23rd, the company tweeted that the FuelBox was going to be placed in a new location the next day. The company also tweeted several hints about the new location and also revealed that, for the week, the vending machine was stocked with NTC essentials. NTC or Nike Training Club is the company’s social hub and app for women’s fitness. Nike Training Club features various workouts and training programs by Nike master trainers like Traci Copeland and Leah Kim, world-class athletes like pro basketball player Skylar Diggins and U.S. Women’s national soccer players Sydney Leroux, Ali Krieger and many more.

The Nike+ FuelBox is gone for now, but the company reminds its followers to “keep moving for when it shows up next.”

The FuelBox is a vending machine that is advantageous for those with the sports brand’s activity tracker, rewarding them with Nike products and also serving as a reminder to stay active.


Source: Fubiz

Images: @NikeNYC

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