Chronograph Watch Inspired by Space Race of 1960s

Chronograph Watch Inspired by Space Race of 1960s
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How a design company takes notes from achievements of the past to create a watch of the future

Hilary Weaver
  • 25 july 2014

Design company NOOKA is taking its consumers to the age of space travel, via its first ever chronograph-style watch. The company launched its unprecedented Indiegogo campaign for the space-themed chronograph watch NOOKARONO, which was inspired by the 1960s space race.

The watch’s design resembles the launching of space rockets, and the intersecting dial hands display the intersection of space and time. There are only four limited editions of the watch that will be available through Indiegogo and for a limited time. According to the site’s project timeline, the watches will be available for pre-order until September and delivered to customers in December.

The site also features a tracker with the donations of campaign supporters in real-time; the campaign has raised $14,045, 140 percent of its $10,000 goal. Supporter’s funds will contribute toward the updating the watch during production, as well as to help shuttle money into the company’s internship program. The top donator to the fund will receive a NOOKA watch, first prize being the stainless or multi steel NOOKARONO. Second prize will be the ZIRC V watch, which features a chrystal lens and retails at $250, and third prize is the Zub 20 watch, which was the first monochromatic watch on the market and retails at $129.

Matthew Waldman, a PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 speaker, says he chose the space race theme for the new chronograph watches because space exploration is an example of the potential of what humans can achieve. He predicts that the NOOKARONO line will be a competitive match to the watches coming out of production in Switzerland and Japan.

NOOKA has recently partnered with PSFK 2014 CONFERENCE speaker and UK artist Jon Burgerman, for a new wristwatch design, NOOKA x BURGERMAN k. The band’s design was to inspire wearers to enjoy the timepiece on their hand, and to bring a bit of food and fun to the everyday wristwatch. Although not a reference to the space age, the NOOKA and Burgerman partnership is another example of NOOKA’S reach for what will inspire.


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