Health Aggregator Syncs Fitness Trackers And Apps

Health Aggregator Syncs Fitness Trackers And Apps

Nudge makes sense of confusing metrics and badges that the many devices and applications give you.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 july 2014

With so many fitness and health tracking apps and gadgets available in the market, it can be hard to choose one that meets all your requirements and more often than not you end up with several apps and even devices to help you monitor and manage different aspects of your life and your well-being.

The team behind Nudge wants to help folks manage all these tracking apps and wearables under one digital dashboard.


Nudge is an aggregator app that syncs data across a variety of health and fitness apps and devices to make it easier for users to make sense of all the metrics and info that are collected and provided by these technologies.

After downloading and installing the app, users first have to create an account or login via Facebook. Then they have to input a few details like age, gender, weight, among others. Users can then start syncing with other apps.

Nudge currently syncs with MapMyFitness, Moves, Runkeeper, Strava, Fitbit, UP by Jawbone, and Sleep as Android. It aggregates all the data from these apps and presents an overall score called the Nudge Factor to give the user an idea of their current health. The score can be anywhere from 1 to 110. Nudge also allows users to manually input other related data into the app like how much water they drink, how much food they eat, their active hours and number of hours asleep. The app then provides the user with a visual snapshot of their overall health.


Users can also join “Clubs” that fit their hobbies or interests to connect with other users with the same interests. The clubs serve as a forum or support group where users can provide and gain support as they work to bring their Nudge score up. Users can post updates about their Nudge score and even compare stats with friends. The aggregator app has been described as a “Klout for healthy living” and encourages healthy living by turning it into a competition of sorts.

The app was initially released for the iPhone and iPad a few months ago, and an Android version has already been released as well.

Nudge can be downloaded for free from the iOS app store and Google Play.


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