Help Crowdfund A Floating Beach In NYC’s Hudson River

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Indiegogo project wants to raise funds for a floating park.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 july 2014

A New Yorker is working to launch a floating beach park on a river barge that will be located in the Hudson River by Manhattan.

Created by designer Blayne Ross, the City Beach NYC project is currently seeking to raise funds on Indiegogo. The campaign aims to create awareness of the project among the community, generate support and show city officials, investors and brand partners that there is support for the project.

The City Beach NYC project basically involves building a recreational beach park on a reclaimed barge that has been covered with sand. The floating beach park will visit the area during summer months and provide recreational and educational activities for New Yorkers.

The floating beach park will have an upper deck with recreational spaces, restaurants, and sunbathing areas, and a lower deck that will house changing rooms, the guest services desk, a surf shop, and a kids history and marine science lab. The history and science lab will include marine touch tanks and interactive kiosks where children can learn more about the history of the Hudson River and the water quality and resident marine life in the park.


Though visitors will be able to lounge and sunbathe as if they were on a real beach, there will be no access to the water and no swimming given the current water quality. The floating park will have water features like outdoor showers and water misters, and, depending on where the barge is moored, visitors may be able to take small watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards.

The floating beach park will also include a waterfall feature that will not only create a relaxing environment with the sound of its rushing water, but will also help aerate the water and increase the oxygen levels in the marine habitats in the area.

City Beach NYC follows the heels of the +POOL, a floating pool that cleans the water in New York City’s East River. The two projects are looking to raise public awareness on the water quality in the region while also offering recreational activities to the residents.

The Indiegogo campaign ends July 22nd. Supporters can contribute $25 to get an invite to the pre-launch party or $79 for an exclusive early pass on opening day. The perks can reach up to $9,990 for the corporate package, which includes a private cocktail reception, limited number of invitations to the opening night gala, and full summer priority access for three guests.

Check out the campaign video below for more about the City Beach NYC project.

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